What is SPORT-ified?

SPORT-ified Color competition is an exciting sports day event where kids and teenagers participate in friendly competition to win points for their color teams . This helps in building moral and team spirit and  also encourages sports and physical activity. We are a continent that loves sports and this is an avenue for families to come cheer their children .
Our kids take these competitions seriously and try their best. The color teams participate in different athletic events and the winner gets to keep the trophy. Children will be grouped by age into the different sports and everyone gets to compete and cheer on their team.
We try to recreate the experiences we had back home in Nigeria, here in the US, so that our children here in the diaspora can have a peek of the inter-house competitions we enjoyed. 100m, 200m dashes, relay races, potato sack race, shot-put, tug of war  etc and of course a live band of guitars, saxophones and trumpets to recreate the famous march past of an inter-house sports African competition.
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Who goes to the color competition?

This is an all day family event where kids also get to cheer their parents on when they take the track as well.
SPORT-ified was founded to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among our kids and encourage community building. The inter-color activities give our children the opportunity to participate in representative sports such athletics, march past, music and other activities with the aim of raising self-esteem, developing self-confidence, sportsmanship, respect and more importantly, a feeling of belonging within our community.
We think that these values are invaluable and critical in producing the cultured, energetic and responsible young men and women in our community and will remain with them beyond the field.
There will be music, food, medals, trophies and cheer. Come join us this year. This is a 'can't miss'event. A thrilling experience indeed!
Limited spots available. Cheaper fees for early bird registrations.

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